20 Years of experience in MSR technology

Mesa Industrie-Elektronik GmbH
was founded in 1988 by

Dipl. Ing. Hans Sturm
Dipl. Ing. Ulrich Hülsmann und
Dipl. Ing. Peter Hallwas

In the year of 1989, Mesa Industrie Elektronik was one of the first companies which moved into new Center for Technology and Chemistry in Marl.

In the beginning, the activities of the company were limited to regional clients, within the frame of the MESA group of companies. Our competence in several fields has quickly been recognized and has contributed to a rapid and constant growth, also beyond the German borders.
Since 2006, MESA Industrie-Elektronik represents an independent company.
Our products in between have found a worldwide repartition.
The satisfaction of our customers is based on a comprehensive service and an experienced team knowing exactly the particular circumstances. Highest flexibility, productivity and a safe use of the equipment is guaranteed any time.
In the field of heat treatment, courses are organized since 2003, to make the clientele benefit from our experience.